People before Politics!

Imagine where Saint Paul could be as a city if we invested in people instead of buildings, if we focused on job creation and sustainable environmental practices that realized the potential in our parks, lakes, and riverfront amenities—rather than catering to deep-pocketed developers and political insiders?

Unfortunately, changing the status quo is not an easy task. It takes progressive leaders who will listen to the concerns of neighbors rather than be captive to the Chamber of Commerce; advocates who will stand up to politics as usual and insist that Saint Paul become a city that works for us rather than the other way around.

As I talk to people throughout the city, it is clear to me that Saint Paul residents are hungry for change, that they want elected officials who will fight on their behalf—not just serve as a rubber stamp for corporate interests and millionaires.

As mayor, I promise to work tirelessly for change, and that day in and day out the message will be the same: Saint Paul can do so much better if we get back to the basics of what cities do well: maintain our infrastructure, protect our environment, use our limited resources wisely, and, most of all, serve the needs of people rather than political agendas.

But I need your help!

With the commitment of volunteers throughout the city, we can usher in the kind of political reforms that put the needs of neighborhoods and small business before big corporations, align our city resources to ensure better educational outcomes for every student, and make Saint Paul the kind of city that will thrive in the 21st century.

Please sign up to volunteer in whatever way you can.

And let’s win in November!


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