Environmental Stewardship

Parks and green space might be the greatest resource that St. Paul has to offer its residents, but the past decade has seen far too many rec center closings, programming cuts, privatization of facilities, and focus on big ticket redevelopment projects that do little to meet the needs of our community or protect the environment. And our commitment to alternative energy solutions that protect our air quality has been lukewarm at best.

As Mayor, I will:

  • Champion the city’s effort to become carbon neutral within the next 20 years–and certainly before 2050
  • Promote alternative energy industries like wind, solar, and geothermal–and commit to having all city buildings and commercial properties around Saint Paul drawing electric power through alternative means within the next ten years.
  • Oppose any efforts to eliminate parkland or reduce the green space set aside requirements for commercial projects or new housing developments
  • Focus on creating more programming and recreational opportunities in our parks rather than treating them like revenue opportunities for the private sector
  • Work to restore our urban tree canopy so that diseased trees are replaced in a timely fashion rather than on the current four-year cycle which is simply unacceptable
  • Support progressive environmental measures such as banning plastic shopping bags and protecting our lakes from chemical runoff and other pollutants
  • Launch a “Keep Saint Paul Beautiful” campaign that would push for anti-litter messages on public transit, add more waste receptacles in public spaces and shopping districts, collaborate with school districts and local businesses to promote anti-litter messages in the community, and help restore neighborhood pride along major transit corridors where so much trash accumulates on a daily basis