Is College environmental science hard?

Is College environmental science hard?
Kendrick Greenfield Jul, 28 2023

Fathoming the Complexity of Environmental Science

Okay, let's kick this off with a bang! I, Kendrick, am about to take you into the ins and outs of Environmental Science as an academic discipline. Is it hard, you ask? Well, pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea (or coffee if you're part of the dark side like me) because we're going to dissect this mammoth of a subject from its nucleolus to its mitochondria. Right, mixing up the biology metaphors here, but you get the drift.

So, what exactly is environmental science? In a nutshell, it's the study of the physical, chemical, and biological components of the Environment and their interactions. It's such a diverse field that it encompasses various sub-disciplines like ecology, geology, atmospheric sciences, and the list is as exhaustive as the number of 'Star Wars' fan theories. Being interdisciplinary in nature means that this field holds hands with other branches of knowledge such as economics, politics, and sociology. So, yes, the degree of complexity is not exactly a piece of cake walk but more like learning to juggle while blindfolded.

Remember, it’s like embarking on a global trip where you get to see different landscapes, experience various climates, and come across a multitude of creatures right from your classroom or lab. You get to become a part-time detective solving mysteries of the natural world, part-time artist creating models of ecosystems, and full-time nerd (best job in the world if you ask me).

The Academic Rigour of the Environmental Science Curriculum

We've dipped our toes into the metaphorical waters of what constitutes Environmental Science; now let's plunge into the ocean that is the curriculum of this fascinating subject. The curriculum, my friend, is no cotton candy. It's a dizzying concoction of fieldwork, lab experiments, classroom lectures, independent research, meaty dissertations, and, yes, tons of reading. Remember your high school science and how it made you sometimes want to pull your hair out? Well, amplify that several times over!

Your coursework is likely to be a heady cocktail of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math. And it's just the beginning; as you delve deeper, you encounter elements of sociology, public policy, political science, and even laws and regulations relating to the environment. As with Batman and his utility belt, you’ll need an array of skills up your sleeve - from analytical prowess to problem-solving skills, from communication acumen to the ability to work in a team. Remember, Rome was not built in a day nor will your understanding of Environmental Science!

But let's put a pin into the “hardness” for a moment. It’s not all about remembering complex biochemical processes or intricate climatic models. It’s also about stepping outside the confines of a traditional classroom, engaging with real-world issues, and having your hands deep in the soil while you study different ecosystems. There's nothing like the satisfaction of connecting classroom theories to what you see right in front of your eyes!

The Allure of Challenges in Environmental Science

Now, you might be thinking, "Kendrick, it sounds like a lot of work!" You're right! It's a monumental task, but remember, in the words of a famous shoe brand, "No pain, no gain!" (Oops, it was "Just Do It", but you get the metaphor!)

The allure of Environmental Science lies precisely in its complexity. It’s like a beautifully intricate puzzle that's waiting to be solved. Every concept you learn, every experiment you conduct, every dissertation you write is a piece of this puzzle, contributing to a more holistic understanding of how our planet functions. This field isn't for the faint-hearted. It's for those who are inquisitive, for those who crave knowledge, for those who are not afraid of challenges!

Let's take an example from my life. In my sophomore year, I took a course on Climate Change, which was as bewildering as it was fascinating. There were days when I was so overwhelmed with the amount of reading and the complexity of concepts that I felt like throwing in the towel. But the more I trudged through the difficult terrain, the more I realized how absorbing and vital this subject was. I found a new admiration for the resilience of nature and our responsibility as caretakers. That experience was one for the books!

In Praise of the 'Hard' Tag!

So is Environmental Science hard? Yes, it is! But reframe that notion! Isn't it fun when things are complicated? Let’s face it, easy is boring! It's the challenges we face that make our journey worthwhile and memorable. They help us grow, learn, and reach the zenith of our potential. Trust me, there’s nothing like the adrenaline rush you get when you finally understand a stubborn concept or get the results you want from a gruesome lab experiment! It's an intellectual victory, my buddy!

As a parting note, let me tell you, any discipline you choose will be “hard” in its own right. It's about the perspective and the grit with which you approach these challenges that make the difference. So, while Environmental Science might be complex and demanding, it is also extremely gratifying and deeply enriching. In essence, every 'hard' you face and conquer translates into an 'Aha!' moment that propels you forward in your academic journey, making you a trailblazer in your own right. And oh, carry a healthy dose of humor with you; it works wonders!

So, dare to unravel the complexities, dive into the unknown depths, challenge your intellectual limits, and emerge as a true conqueror! After all, as they say in the 'Game of Thrones', 'Valar Dohaeris' - all men must serve! And here, you will be serving Mother Nature, and what can be better than that?