Tom Goldstein for Saint Paul – Ward 4

BREAKING NEWS: Tom Endorsed by former Ward 4 Council Member Jay Benanav!

In anticipation of tomorrow’s election, Ward 4 City Council Candidate Tom Goldstein has received the endorsement of Jay Benanav, former Saint Paul City Council Member who represented Ward 4 from 1998 to 2007.

“No one will work harder than Tom to ensure that the public has a voice at City Hall,” noted Benanav.

In supporting Goldstein, Benanav said that recent events call for a change of leadership at City Hall. He points to the current council’s failure to seek public input in major decisions which significantly impact Saint Paul taxpayers and neighborhoods. Goldstein’s opponent, Russ Stark, serves as City Council president.

One such decision, according to Benanav, was the Council’s 7-0 vote in September to support a permanent property tax exemption for a major league soccer stadium proposed at the old Bus Barn site in the Midway “while at the same time preparing to increase property taxes on Ward 4 homeowners.”

“It’s not a question of whether Tom and I support soccer coming to Saint Paul,” said Benanav. “Rather, it’s the fact that there has not been a single opportunity for the public to weigh in on a permanent tax subsidy and all the related infrastructure costs that come with a stadium.”

Dear Ward 4 Neighbor:

Failed leadership at City Hall has left us with a city beset by neglected infrastructure, nearly a quarter of our residents living below the poverty line, a deplorable achievement gap in our schools, limited opportunities for young people, and a zoning code heavily skewed in favor of developers and political insiders. We somehow can find money to fund a new minor league ballpark that will yield no revenues or property taxes for the city yet have only recently begun to make headway on the huge backlog of streets in disrepair.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no sense of urgency among our elected officials to address these glaring concerns. Instead of figuring out how we’re going to create the thousands of livable wage jobs we need to grow our tax base and help lift people out of poverty, we remain fixated on building projects and corporate giveaways that only serve to increase the tax burden on everyone else.

This kind of misguided policy must stop.

Imagine where we could be as a city if we focused on sustainable development practices, realizing the potential in our parks, lakes, and riverfront amenities, and repairing our infrastructure rather than building stadiums? No matter how much fans may enjoy professional sports, we cannot afford another handout to billionaire team owners that creates a minimal number of full-time jobs and does nothing to expand the property tax base.

Preserving the status quo is no longer acceptable.

We need elected officials who will put people before politics and leaders who will insist on accountability and transparency rather than pay lip service to citizen concerns.

As a long-time advocate for neighborhoods, a lawyer, businessman, and former School Board member, I can be the change agent we need at City Hall who will help ensure that local government works for us rather than the other way around.

That’s why I’m running for City Council in Ward 4.

With your support, I can win on November 3rd and help usher in the kind of progressive reforms that will focus on the needs of neighborhoods and small business rather than corporate interests, align our city resources to ensure better educational outcomes for every student, and realize the potential in our cultural communities so that St. Paul becomes a truly great city that works for all of us.



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